Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Sky

This weekend I am going to have my nose in the dirt - weeding, digging, and planting an ungodly amount of annuals.  So today I thought I'd take a moment to look up at the sky.

Last year at plantin' time (no, you can't pronounce the "g" in planting when you say "plantin' time" - it's an ole farmer's rule of grammar), the dirt and I became best friends.  We were truly "one".  I was covered in so much mulch and compost at the end of each day that the only thing that saved our pipes was me hosing off outside before coming in to shower.

This year, however, I have a plan.  Okay.  It's not really a plan, just more of a mindset.  I  am not going to let all of the dirt and compost and mulch that I will get coated in bother me.  I will embrace my inner Pig-Pen.  That's my plan.  It's not much of a plan, but it's all I've got so I'm sticking to it.

(And yes, L-, I know I'm supposed to say "soil", not "dirt", but when it hits my kitchen floor I guarantee you that it is "dirt".)

But right now it's still a weekday and I'm still clean, so until tomorrow, I'm going to look up and enjoy the sky.  Of course, since I'm in the city there isn't much sky, but I figure that skyscrapers will do just as nicely.

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