Thursday, June 14, 2012

Light and Dark

I was sitting on the porch of the carriage house this morning, just looking at the church across the way and I thought how interesting it was that the church was like this beacon of brightness and "nature" was  all dark and looming.

Then I thought about the conversion of Europe to Christianity from naturalist beliefs and how the church used the contrast of dark and light, turning light into goodness and dark into evil.

Then I thought about the Egyptians and how they also switched from a night worshipping society to light, worshipping Ra.

Then I thought that I was spending way too much time thinking about early religions and their effect on societies.

But then I thought that these things should be thought about and contemplated. And that there was no better place to do this than sitting on the porch of the carriage house where symbols of both were right in front of me.

Then I realized something...

I was really just avoiding doing more weeding in the garden.

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