Friday, June 15, 2012

Top of the Mountain

Somehow during the course of my day, I ended up at the top of a little mountain overlooking grazing horses.  Today started out rather normally for a week spent gardening.  I weeded.  Then I weeded some more.  Then I planted some plants.  Pretty normal.

But then there were errands to run and charity events to attend to - and during the course of that, I ended up at the top of the little mountain watching the horses.  They're very friendly and did not mind sharing their space at all - as long as I stayed up at the top and they stayed down in their plateau pasture space.

Unfortunately for all of us, I had to come down from the mountain - and pass through their space.

Let's just say that there are no pictures of what was a very fast event in my life.

All is forgiven, though, and I think we can still be friends. (I bribed them with treats...)

So the lesson for the day apparently is - if you're going to weed in the garden, make sure you leave some wild carrots and clover that you dug up in one of your pockets so if you end up at the top of a mountain, you'll be able to get back to your truck.

Tomorrow I'm staying home.

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