Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Deere John

If you had told me - even 1 year ago - that I would be walking through a field of John Deere tractors and actually contemplating which one I would drive away with, I would have thought you were crazy with a capital CRAZ.

But it happened.  It being Spring, and all, we went to mow the lawn.  And it being Spring, and all, the belt broke on the tractor.  Because - apparently - every time you go to use a piece of equipment it first has to be repaired/tuned up/ tweaked in some manner or another.  So we went over to the John Deere tractor supply store (which is *not* located next to a Starbucks) to get a new belt for the tractor.

While I was waiting for my DH to get the part, I strolled through the tractors out in the field.  So shiny and fancy.  They have attachments for practically anything you want - mowing, digging, trenching.

But the thing that got me was that they come in all sizes, from wee little tractors to big huge tractors.  Sort of like those Russian dolls, except you can't put one inside of the other.

This little wee one looked about my size.  I could really do some damage to the gardens in this guy!  Backhoe on the back and bucket on the front - the weeds wouldn't stand a chance.

But neither would the lawn, it would be ripped up in a heartbeat.  Oh well.

Perhaps we'll just stick with the lawn tractor and save the big guys for another project down the road.

In the meanwhile, I think I'll stop in at Starbucks tomorrow, just to get the thought of tractors out of my head!

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