Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Pops!

I had heard about them, but until today, I had never encountered one in real life.  What is it? It's a cake pop!

You take some cake and mix it up with icing then form it into a ball, stick a lollypop stick in it and dip it in chocolate then decorate to your heart's content.  Sprinkles, swirls, anything goes.

I could not believe how incredibly overpoweringly sweet these were.  I am not shy when it comes to sweets - especially baked goods - but these were so totally over the top chokingly sweet I could not believe it.  It was like eating confectioner's sugar bombs.  I could not finish even one - shocking!

I think these make a wonderful presentation - so cute! But the balance of cake/icing has to be ever so carefully done or what could be a wonderful little cake bite becomes a gagging mouthful of sweet.

I took a survey from my friends - none of whom had had a cake pop before either.  They all loved them!

Could it be that my taste buds have finally had enough cake?

Nah! Never gonna happen.

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