Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Formal

A few tiny orange berries are still hanging on to this trellised vine.  Just enough for a sparrow or two to have an afternoon snack.

As the seasons warm up there will be fantastic blossoms all over the trellis.  I'll try to remember to catch a picture of them for you.  They really are quite beautiful.

This is one of my favorite sidewalk gardens near where I work.  I like the formality of the espaliered vine and the neatly trimmed boxwood sitting right in front of it.  It is like a miniature formal garden in a 3x3-foot space.  

I always smile when I see it.  I always think that the gardeners who take care of it pay attention to each tiny leaf and twig.  I think they spend a lot of time just contemplating the way their garden grows and watching which way nature wants to take it - then they make it seem so formal.  

But if you really look at the way the plants are growing in, you can see that there isn't a 'forced' formality to it.  It is really quite natural, just cleaned up a bit here and there.  

To me, that's a much more difficult, but much more correct way to garden.  

No matter how it got there, though, it is a sweet little spot of Spring.


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