Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where's the Beef?

I ran for the bus tonight.  I was late getting out of the office so I knew it would be close.

As I was coming down Broadway, 1 bus passed me by.  Argh!

But I saw a bus heading towards the stop - I could make it!  He didn't stop.  Argh!

When I got to the stop - oh happy day! - there was another bus just pulled in.  But - wait - what's wrong with this picture?

Right!  No driver.  He left.  He pulled the bus over to the stop, opened the door and got out.  What the!?!?  Where did he go?

That's right.  He went to get a slice of pizza.  I kid you not.  No matter that the bus is just sitting unattended, during rush hour, with people boarding (free!), and the bus running, with the keys still in the ignition.  No matter at all.  It was pizza time folks!


Disclaimer:  The bus numbers have been blurred to protect the driver.  As with any story there are 3 sides, my view, the other view and the truth.  Since I have no idea what the other view and the truth are, it hardly seemed fair to bash the driver for leaving a running bus sitting on the streets of Manhattan while he went to get a slice of pizza.  I'm sure there was a perfectly good explanation for it.  After all, Koronet pizza is good pizza!

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