Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Again

I learned something with this mornings not-so-little snowy surprise. Yes, the weatherman said there was no rain or snow by me, wrong again - thank you very much. But that wasn't what I learned.

I learned that when the schools are closed, they don't plow the roads.  It was a hard lesson!

I thought, maybe the plow would come any minute.  I saw headlights down the road "a piece". I waited, but no plow.  You couldn't see the surface of the road.  I just kind of guessed at where I thought a lane should go.  I figure I was only 10 or so feet off the mark!

Even with new tires and a heavy truck it was a slow and skidding drive to the train station.  

Only 2 of us made it there.  

Everyone else took the day off.


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