Friday, February 17, 2012


One of the best things about my office is that it looks out into one of the spruce trees in the yard.  These trees are huge.  Much taller than the house and if the pictures from the historical society are to be believed, much older than the house.

The thing I enjoy about these trees isn't the pinecones that fall like missiles from above (one managed to hit the ground and bury itself 1-foot down - glad it didn't hit anyone!).  It isn't the pollen that it sheds turning everything it touches yellow and dusty.

It's having that green during the winter - whenever I want it or just absolutely need a burst of deep evergreen green, I just look out the window and there it is.

It's like living in the tree canopy.  I like that - even though I frequently scare the heck out of the squirrels!

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