Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vitae Worries

Every year I worry about my little arborvitaes during the winter.  Okay, I obsess.  They turn bronze.

It gets dark, they get cold and they turn bronze.  And I panic.

Every year.

I ask my girlfriend gardening expert extraordinaire whatever shall I do!?!? My poor arborvitaes are turning bronze. I fear they won't last the winter!!!

And she goes through the same thing each and every time - which basically boils down to "they are what they are".

So today when I went out and looked at the arborvitae and saw just how bronze they were, I panicked.

I remembered that they are what they are. I took some deep breaths.  Then a few more.

Then I looked at how lovely the bronze looked as it contrasted with the bit of green in the center of the shrub.  And I noticed how it brought some life to the space especially when contrasted with the bit of snow on the ground.  Then I saw the contrast with the reddish bronze and the rhododendron's lime-green and I thought.

How lovely.

Then I came inside and googled why leaves turn bonze in winter.  But I didn't call my girlfriend this time!

Baby steps.

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