Monday, February 13, 2012

This Time I WonÕt Panic

I am without the internet, but this time when faced with a computer crisis of the utmost magnitude, I am completely prepared. Well, sort of prepared. Well, a little prepared Ð at least I think this will work.

I have checked and rechecked everything I can check and I think that the problem (for once) is not me. It is my carrier! All of my house computers are talking and chatting o each other as if nothing strange is going on, they just won't talk to any strangers.

I've tried to convince them that you Ð my dears Ð are not strangers. Some of you have even met my computer! But still, after reboots and pushed buttons, nothing is convincing them.

I will resort to Ôplan BÕ. Posting by email. I looked into this when I first set up the bucolic manor. Knowing computers are the way they are Ð and knowing that one day (probably the most inconvenient of days) my access would be dropped Ð I planned in advance.

So really, this is more of a test (even though I am totally counting it as a post) to see if I can accomplish a technological feat of wonder and amazement!

First, I write the post (this) on my trusty steed (laptop).
Second, I will transfer the post via Bluetooth to my sidekick (handheld).
Third, I will import the post from my document reader into my email feed.
Fourth, I will send the email out to the destination address that I have handily set up in advance.

There's no guarantee, but at least it's a fun challenge!

Fingers crossedÉ

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