Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Looking Up

Things were looking up today.  Got the taxes done in advance - I waited until the last minute to file, of course, but they were done in advance!  I don't know why I do that, it must be a carryover from when I was younger.  I do the taxes in advance and then wait until Tax Day to actually file them.  Of course, now that I have used Turbo Tax forever - well, pretty much since there was Turbo Tax, it goes really fast, which I totally love because it is absolutely not a problem.  And I didn't even have to get out my old accounting books from college to get the job done.  Sweet!

I had a great cup of coffee to start the day.  Perfect balance of coffee and milk.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Just the right blend for that perfect taste.  Nice.

And our pup went and picked up her kibble that she dropped when I told her to.  I kid you not.

Okay, so that last one sort of freaked me out.  I said, "Pup, go pick up your kibble off of the floor before someone steps on it." and I really think that she just happened to be going in that direction and noticed a bit of kibble on the floor instead of listening and understanding me and then going and cleaning up.  She's just a puppy, you know.  I don't think that her English is that good.  But hey - it could happen.

Oh! and then I figured out a mistake that I made on my knitting project and got that all fixed up - which was great because I didn't want to have to rip it all out because lace is really hard to rip out, even simple lace like what I'm working on now. Very nice indeed.

And the guy at the video store did not charge me a late fee even though I was 17 minutes late in returning the DVDs my DH rented this past weekend.  Which was really nice of him, especially when you consider that there is pretty much no way I can ever be on time returning DVDs mid-week because my train doesn't even get in until after the return window has closed.  I would have to leave work early to return a DVD on time during the week.  Beautiful.

So all of these things together meant that things were looking up today - so that's what I did.  I looked up.  And that's what I saw.

Come to think of it, that building looks really tall when you stand at the base of it and look up.  From across the street - eh - not so much.

It may not have been a big deal 5-star gold letter banner day!!!!!!  but overall, it wasn't bad.

And you know what?  I'll take it.

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