Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pea News

Unfortunately I did not get out to look at the peas until the sun was going down, so I have good news - they are going along well - but terrible lighting!

They haven't really started taking off yet.  They still look short and squat.  I think that's because it hasn't rained at all this week.  But it does look like there are more plants this week, so I guess a few seeds were just taking their time in germinating.

There still is the one obvious hole in the second row in from the left.  I think that it will stay empty.  No matter how closely I looked, I didn't see any little pea seeds or sprouts there.

So 5th week and the peas look like they are going to do fine.

Right now it is raining outside.  The weatherman got it partially right because it is raining, but it was supposed to start at 5pm at the latest.  He was about 6 hours off.  The gardens need it badly, though, so I won't complain too much about it being so late.

I'm going to guess that next week we will see some good vining growth because of the rain.  Then I'll have to choose which way to trellis the peas.

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