Thursday, April 12, 2012

Passing Storm

With all of the clouds over the city today, I thought for sure we would get some rain, but the sun broke through and streamed down just in time for the evening train.

We celebrated the lack of snow this winter, but of course that means that there wasn't any snow pack to melt.  So I was really hoping that there would be a nice heavy rain to soak everything.  But there wasn't.

I guess I should start celebrating the fact that I haven't gotten drenched once (yet) this Spring.  And when I look around at the flowers, they seem to be doing alright without any downpours (so far).

But being the worrier that I am, I can't help but thinking that we are in for a scorcher of a summer with perhaps a drought thrown in for good measure.  I gues that makes up for all of the horrible flooding we had last Spring!

Up at our bucolic manor, we've already started putting our water conservation measures in place.  We usually are very conservative with water in the gardens.  I think about it a lot - maybe because I come from the Great Lake state and am living in a landlocked town?  We'll use the dish water on the flowers that can't stand it, and layering a lot of mulch everywhere we can put it.  That will help cut down on the weeds also.

But all of that is for later.

Right now, I'm going to just take a moment and enjoy watching the sun streaming through the clouds.  If you ignore all of the water issues, it's just a beautiful thing.

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