Thursday, April 5, 2012

One More Time

I know it's a repeat - sort of, but I just had to do it because this little display passes so quickly.  These are the forsythia and chionodoxa with daffodils getting towards the end of their burst of glorious color.

The forsythia will fade first - the green leaves come in and the blooms fall off.  The chionodoxa goes next - just the grassy leaves stay for a few more months, soaking in the sun and recharging for next year.

The daffodils will last longer though.  They are early, mid and late season daffodils so we will have their flowers to look at for a few more months - the late ones haven't even come up yet!

But this week will be the last where the three of them are all blooming at the same time.  After this week, the gardens start to change and the hunt for the first lilacs begins.

It is the best time.

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