Thursday, April 19, 2012

Under the Tracks

The train tracks at the upper eastside train station are elevated.  This sometimes makes me think twice when I step over the gap between the train and the platform as I get onto the train at night.

I always think that it's no longer a matter of falling the height of the train, it's a matter of falling the height of the train plus 2 stories more until I hit the pavement.

I needed to stop thinking this!  It was driving me a little nuts when I was getting on the train at night. (Somehow, this is never a problem when I get off the train in the morning.)  So I went and took a moment to actually look under the tracks.

So here it is.  There are no holes for anyone to fall through should I take a misstep and fall between the train and the platform.  There's really no way to fall all the way through to the street.  It would just be falling the height of the train.  Perfectly fine.   Not a problem at all.

Of course, the thing would be not to fall in the first place, but if I did I'm thinking that it wouldn't too bad - relatively speaking...

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