Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tulip Prison

Maybe these poor little tulips have done something horrible to deserve this, even - as I've said before - if I can't imagine what that would be.  Whatever their misdeeds may have been they are more than making up for it in beauty.

I love the way they peek out from between their prison bars when the wind coming up from the river sways them back and forth.  First some pinks and then the fiery oranges.  Back and forth behind the bars.

Even though this planting of tulips is quite plain, no undergrowth of ivy, no covering of mulch, just the green of the tulip leaves against the soil gives a good impact to the eye when I look at this.  It's a simple and natural display that I think is really refreshing.

Of course, I believe that one of the reasons that it works so well is that the tulip blossoms are neither simple nor plain.  They are actually quite fancy.  Their variegated colors get bolder as the flowers get older.  And the edges of the petals are frilly which means that they have even more movement with every little breeze.

Of course my camera doesn't begin to do justice to this orange tulip.  It seems as if it has captured the sun in it's blossom.

Okay - maybe that is a bit over the top.  But it is a brilliant orange.  I spotted it from down the street and it drew me to this planting.

At first I thought they should be freed due to their lovely display, but maybe they should stay behind bars?  That way no one will step on them!

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