Monday, April 16, 2012

Picking Up the Pace

Last Monday there was no one walking by in front of the train station - and it was glorious!  But today is a new day...

They're back and faster than ever.  All nicely refreshed from the week off, all of the people who commute with me are back in the city today.

Now, since I didn't have the week off, I can't say that I'm all that refreshed.  Or that I'm faster than ever.

In fact, today I was feeling especially slow and sleepy by the time I got off the train and started the morning push over to the crosstown bus.  That quickly changed, however, after I got - let's just say jostled, shall we? - while walking down the sidewalk.

Okay, I was strolling and really enjoying the warm breeze and sunshine.  Rolling up my scarf and coat and tucking them into my bag.  Really relishing the temperature difference between where I live and where I work.

And they were...well, they were rushing to catch their cross-town bus.

But by the time I got over to the westside, I was in full city-mode and keeping pace with the morning rush without a single thought to the wonderfulness of the day.

(Don't worry though - I saved the thought for a quick stroll over to the park in mid-afternoon!)

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