Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today I took some simple photos with my smartphone and edited them like mad to turn them into works of art for the charity photo showing at the library.  This is a streetlight.

I never really took the time to play with the built-in filters on the phone's photo editing software before, but it really was a lot of fun!  This is the same streetlight.

And today was a good day to have some silly fun.  Here's the original picture from the phone.  I took it when I was waiting for a taxi at the train station - truck was getting it's mani/pedi at the shop for a few days.  I just looked up and saw the clouds and light, thought it was neat and snapped a picture.

I think the final images were pretty neat.

I had to play around with this one also - it was so much fun!

I liked the way this came out, but I thought it was really pixelated after applied the filter, so I decided to mess with the colors instead.

I like it.  Pink, alien daffodils.  Kind of neat!

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