Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pea Update

It looks like the peas we planted on St. Patrick's day are coming up nicely.  After the first week there was no sign of them.  And then the next week it snowed - so of course I was happy that they hadn't sprouted up by then.  And here we have them on the 3rd week.  They have their first set of true leaves all spread out and seeking the sun.

Of course, the weeding starts now too!  Some forgetful squirrel must have buried this horse chestnut last fall - right in my row of peas.  But this is the reason that the vegetable garden parterre beds are designed this way with easy access for weeding.  I can easily reach in and just have to pull it out.

You see why it would be a problem to leave it?  The pea that is in the bottom of the photograph is getting full sun and has nice strong leaves.  The peas that are shaded by the horse chestnut seedling are struggling to grow and haven't opened their leaves yet.

If I left the tree, the shaded peas would not grow fast enough to fruit - by the time they were ready, it would be too hot and they would just wither away.  And the tree roots would grow too deep for me to really get the entire plant, so even the stronger pea's roots would have to fight for space.  All those roots would fill up the soil, then there would be no place for the water to come in and settle.  And then the roots would have no way of getting any food to the plants.

It would be anarchy, I tell you. Anarchy!

So, I weeded out the horse chestnut seedling and the peas will have a good chance this week - until the next weed comes along...

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