Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad Truck, Bad

Our truck is broken.  She won't start.  She sits sulking in the driveway, blatantly refusing to go anywhere or do anything.

At first I thought she was depressed - what with all of the rain and all.  But it turns out that she went and broke her battery terminal connector.  Bad truck!

My DH explained to me that the battery terminal connector is this pathetic looking piece of lead that connects that battery - through the terminal (things that stick out on top of the battery) - to the engine the starter.  Apparently, just like computers, trucks need electricity to run.  No electricity, no run.

I asked the truck just what was she thinking by breaking her battery terminal connectors?  She had no satisfactory answer.  She just blinked her dome lights at me, made a few pathetic clicking sounds and then she stopped talking to me altogether.  Stubborn truck.

My DH said that she apparently shook lose one of her battery terminal connectors so her batteries weren't charging enough when I drove her.  When we went to take out the batteries and charge them, all 4 connectors were cracked.  They all need to be replaced and one of the batteries needs to be replaced as well.  Apparently this is normal.  I don't think so.

I think she did this on purpose.  My personal opinion is that she needs some quality "us time".  Just the two of us.  Maybe a little engine polish, a fresh bottle of washer fluid, and something new and sparkly - like new battery terminal connectors.

So tonight, we went out and got her new connectors. They're shiny lead.  And pretty copper connectors that we'll solder to her red wiring.  Copper and red will look nice, I think.

My DH has also promised her a new solenoid and possibly a new starter too if she still refuses to turn over.  I think that's what she's really angling for.  What girl wouldn't want a new starter?  (glossy black with silver highlights)  I'm not sure we should reward such behavior.

In the meanwhile, our pup is really happy about this whole development.  It seems that the longer the truck sits in the driveway, the more often our pup gets to walk to the store with us instead of being left behind while we go with the truck.

It's nice that someone is getting something good out of this - and I'm glad it's our pup!

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