Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roadside Daffodils

Last Summer our gardens were on the town's Hidden Garden tour.  The tour is a charity event that raises monies to buy daffodil bulbs for everyone to plant along the roads in all of the hamlets that make up our town.  We bought over 7,000 daffodil bulbs last summer.

That sounds like a lot of flowers, but they seemed to disappear off the porch as everyone stopped by to pick up bulbs to plant.  We took a bag to plant along the road in front of the church.

Last Fall we dug a nice trench about 9-inches deep and as long as we could make it since it was in between 2 very large trees,

We put down a layer of compost and soil to give the daffodils some extra food when they started to grow.  Then we tucked all of the bulbs in - close enough to keep each other company, but with a little breathing room.

Then we waited.  And waited some more.  We saw all of the daffodils coming up and we still waited.

Then they finally came up!  Later than most of the other daffodils - because we trenched them deep enough to withstand a hard freeze.  (We realized the earlier daffodils had been planted down about 4-inches.)

I think they were worth the wait.  They're perky and happy - dancing around in the breeze from the cars that pass by.

Absolutely worth the wait.

Now it's time to start getting the gardens ready the tour again.  I wonder how many daffodils we'll be able to add this year?

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