Friday, May 11, 2012


What's warm and comfy and fits like a glove?  Hand knit socks, of course.  After 2 months, I've finally finished my first pair of socks and they fit like a dream.  They are definitely worth the effort.

It all started with my friend Nancy.  Everywhere she goes she is always knitting socks.  She gets the most amazing yarns and knits them up on these teeny tiny needles.   They are, in a word, adorable.

Then came my foray into the world of the Yarn Harlot.  She knits sock after sock, churning out fancy pairs like magic. She seems to knit so fast that the minute the yarn hits her needles a finished object slides off - perfectly fit, perfectly finished.  I had to try.

I poured through patterns and chose my first pair.  Basic sock recipe by the Yarn Harlot, "herself".  I got the book, read it carefully from cover to cover - I was ready to knit.

First I took careful measurements of my foot.  These were going to custom made just for me.  Then I made my little test swatch - 20 stitches by 20 rows.  Based on 10 stitches per inch and 13 rows per inch, I carefully calculated and checked the math.  Then I cast on.

I used a German Twisted Long Tail cast on.  It's the stretchiest one I could find and really perfect for socks.  There would be no cutting off of the circulation in these beauties.

A nice thick ribbing for extra comfort.  I loved the way the yarn patterned.  The colors came together just how I imagined they would.

I knit them everywhere.  On the train, the bus, in front of the tv, waiting at the DMV, in line at the bank, in the lunchroom at work, sitting on a bench in the park and during my weekly sock club.  I was dedicated to finishing the sock.

I knit the first sock 3 times in total, if you count the number of times that I had to pull them apart because of a huge error.  The second sock took 5 tries before I got to where I needed to be.

But I'm glad I stuck with it.  These socks are a joy and my toes are so happy!

I love the double thickness in the heels - super cushy.  The toes are exactly right for my toes.  The colors are the color of Lake Superior.  The warmth is like Phoenix in summer.

After 2 months of knitting, I've finished my January socks in May.  They are so wonderful, there's only one thing left to do...

Start another pair!  Next up, Blueberry waffle socks - but mine will be just plain waffles - a lovely camel colored wool. So soft...

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