Monday, May 7, 2012

Gardening Squirrels

This is why I think that I have gardening squirrels.  There is a tulip in the middle of my lilies of the valley flower bed.  I did not plant it here.

In fact, I dug up this entire bed - down 3 feet deep - a few years ago.  Then I sifted the soil to get all of the rocks out.  Then I planted the lilies of the valley, surrounded by peppermint.  But no tulips.  Never put in a single tulip here.

So the first year after the lilies were put in, there was a red tulip.

The second year after the lilies were put in, there was a white tulip (thanks S-!).

The third year - red/orange.  The fourth year - red again.

But this year there is a yellow tulip.  Right in the middle of the bed.  Note that there is absolutely no sign of any other tulip whatsoever.  Just one single solitary yellow tulip.

Now I ask you - since I didn't plant it, my DH didn't plant it and our pup didn't plant it, how on God's green earth did that tulip change out from red to yellow.

It has to be squirrel gardeners.

I'm just sayin'.

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