Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today was all lined up to be a very busy day.  Work on the train, back-to-back meetings, more work coming home and meetings tonight - then housework and paperwork and to cap it all off a late night online meeting.  All in all just a very busy day.

So when I got to the train station this morning with my very large cup of coffee, juggling my briefcase, purse and truck keys, I almost missed just looking up.

But I did look up and I'm really glad.  Because I got to see this.  The sun coming up.

I stopped and took a moment just for me.  I listened to the birds singing in the wetlands.  Felt the breeze scented with marsh grasses.  And watched the sun start to rise over the mountain.

This moment is one of the reasons why I live where I live.  I think it's important to remember that, especially on really busy days.  It's important to remember what really matters to you.  It's important to keep things balanced and centered.

Then I ran like heck to catch the train.

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