Friday, May 4, 2012

Filter Stripes

I was reading about filters in photoshop today and I ran across a website that basically said, if you have bad photos and don't know what to do with them then try some of these filters - your photos will look fantastic.

I figured, what have I got to lost besides a few hours of train time, right? So I gave one a try.

This filter is supposed to make it seem as though the train is whizzing by so fast that it loses its' colors on the way through the station.  Wow - that would be a cool effect.

But not so much.  I think it looks more like I took a bunch of tape and stuck it on the photo.

Maybe the trick is to match up the right bad photo with the right fantastic filter?  I'll have to work on this.

And I'll spare you the picture of a building viewing it's reflection in water.  Let's just say that that one was a little disturbing!

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