Sunday, May 20, 2012


This field was like my day - full of possibilities.  Anything could happen.

But with the pickup broken, no much happened.  My DH and I spent the day soldering new connectors on to the battery and other assorted cables on the truck, then replacing the batteries.  Finally we finished well after sunset only to discover that it wasn't just the batteries.  There's something else wrong with the truck.

Of course it had to happen now, right during the busiest week of all.  There are plants to pick up and put in to the gardens, the monthly grocery shopping has to get done and I'll be working late all week, so I won't be able to catch a ride home from one of my train buddies.  It is going to be a scheduling nightmare!

Here's a little tip I picked up when we were working on the truck.  If your truck has two batteries - and one of the is live and you can't get the cables off because they've kind of fused themselves to the terminals on the batteries, you should make real sure that you don't touch anything metal when you're holding the positive cable.  If you do, you will have the best homemade fireworks display right on top of your engine.

Just a tip.

I would say that this couldn't have happened at a worse time, but I think that's just tempting fate - don't you agree?

I'm just going to set this day aside and simply pretend that I didn't have a weekend this week.  I'll give it another try next weekend.

So - deep breath - thinking happy thoughts.

Besides, tomorrow is going to start out much like today - full of possibilities.

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