Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 7th

The first daylily of 2012 is an historic Gold Dust (Yeld, 1905).  Isn't she a beauty?  The best part is - I beat my neighbor!!! My little Gold Dust came up first.

The reason that I like this particular flower so much is because it will bloom again in September.  You really have to love a flower that comes back at the end of the season just to say goodbye before the snow comes.

Of course, when I saw this little golden flower as I was coming home from work on Monday, I jumped out of the truck and quickly snapped a photo.  One photo was not enough, so Tuesday night I took some more - fortunately it was before the sun finished setting.

Can you believe it? I actually get to see the sun when I get home now.  You have to love that about springtime.

I love this view of Gold Dust because you can see the mahogany coloring on the back of the petals.  When the buds are closed, they are this rich mahogany - then they open to show that beautiful golden yellow.

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