Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grape Leaves

A few years ago, I think it was 5 actually, I got some Concord grape vines.  They were bare root scraggly looking little things with some lame little leaves barely hanging on to the dried out branches.  So I potted them up, put them in a sunny spot in the gardens and left them alone.

About 3 years ago I noticed that the vines were growing out of the pots.  So I dug a hole for them at the base of the columns of my vegetable parterre and plopped them in there.  Then I left them alone.

Last year when I was picking tomatoes, I noticed there were grapes on my grape vines.  I harvested them - all 5 of them - and my DH and I feasted on them right away.  They were sweet and wonderfully grapey.  Everything a Concord should be.

This year, though, I'm going for something else.  This year I want to make stuffed grape leaves.  I think I can get some good ones from my grape vines.  They should be big enough and there should be enough of them that harvesting a dozen or so shouldn't make a difference to the vine.

So since it isn't even past the last frost date yet, I decided to go out and check on the status of the grape leaves.

It was a little windy and they were moving around a bit, but so far it looks good.  A few are still in bud, but most of them have opened up.

I wonder if you have to use a particular type of grape leaf to make stuffed grape leaves.  And I think they will need to be brined or something before they are stuffed.

Ah, the simple questions in life.  You have to love it.

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