Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grey Day

This morning at the train station it was drippy and foggy.  The clouds were coming down from the mountains when I left for the city, but I had confidence that my train ride would take me into a different weather system.  I was hoping for sunshine.

Well, hope springs eternal, right?  More drippy greyness down in the city.  I think the sun was taking the morning off.

The funny thing about foggy and rainy days like this is that when you are standing and looking out a few blocks, you see that they are shrouded in fog.  But then, when you walk those few blocks, the fog is gone and again it is a few blocks away.

It's like chasing a very depressed rainbow.

Maybe it would all be gone by the time I went home again and there would be a terrific sunset!

Or not.  City fog, country fog.  It's hard to decide which is best.  I think I like them both.

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