Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sock Nemesis

It was tough getting down to the final 12 sock patterns, but I've done it.  The first sock will be - well, it will be the one in the picture above! 

But here's the thing, the sock is designed by herself.  I saw the sock.  It was basic, straightforward, a good plain sock.  Perfect to learn on.  And even though the one pictured is fancy fancy with it's multi-colored stripes, that won't be the yarn I'm using.  I have a really pretty German sock yarn that I got at a yarn swap - beachy blues and browns - that I will be using.  The plain pattern is going to absolutely show off the colors of the German sock yarn.

So after I envisioned this good plain sock in my fancy German sock yarn and put it at the #1 slot in my sock club, then I clicked on it only to discover that the pattern was by herself.  

Well, that's good - because I know the pattern will be flawless and knit up as advertised.  But!  (And I had to look it up...) She says that it only takes 16 hours to knit.

So the challenge is on!

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