Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flower Show

Even this little sparrow isn't buying the freshly blooming daffodils competing with tulips at the end of their bloom.  It is backwards!  But flower shows are a great opportunity to see different species of blooms and fantastic color combinations as well as suspend belief in what nature will actually let you do in the garden.  

Although the cyclamen and viola are put together for the show, the bright green of the viola leaves dulls out the cyclamen leaves and the pink blooms are forgotten in the blues and yellows of the violas.  But - if you look at the cyclamen with the white impatiens you see the balance in the height and tone.  A much better combination, I think.

Can you ever go wrong with the brilliant yellow gold of forsythia skirted by bold red tulips?  I don't think so.  The only question is - plain red? parrot red with white? frosted pinks? deep purples?  So many choices - but this year I think the frosted pink calls out the loudest.  Is there time to rip out all of my tulips and replant?  (uh, no way is that going to happen)

This one just made me laugh so hard.  There is no possible way I could get these all in bloom at the same time in the gardens unless I built tiny little hothouses over each individual little plant.  It's better to just look at how the foliage goes together and ignore the blossoms - because it is not going to happen.

Ranunculus.  Why don't I grow these?  They are so lovely.  There must be a reason.  I'll have to do some research on these beauties.

Gorgeous, right?  That creamy white with just a tinge of pink.  Really spectacular.

Very alpine.   Very simple. Very perfect. Very doable. Very nice.

I just love flower shows.

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