Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Perennial Planter

It's almost time to start getting plants for the planters.  This year I'll be submitting a design to the town for some perennial planters.  Usually we just put in annuals in the town planters, but we thought that if we started putting in some perennial planters we could start saving some money on continually buying annual plants and buy more planters.  More planters is good!

So here's my thought.  I want something that will have 4 season interest, be drought tolerant (mostly), propagate easily, be very hardy, likes sun.  And here's my solution - daylilies.

Okay, perhaps I have a tendency towards daylilies because my gardens are filled with historic daylilies.  But the thing is - they grow in this area.  And a gardening friend of mine once gave me a very sage piece of advice - plant what grows.

So here's what I came up with:

Spring:  Bulbs are perfect for spring.  They will self-propagate even in the planter and look good year after year.  Since we won't be digging up the plants each year, we don't have to worry about disturbing the bulbs.  They'll go around the outside of the pot - about 4-inches in from the edge.




Summer:  This is where the daylilies will shine.  The ones I've selected will bloom from May through the end of September.  And the foliage will have a lot of movement and interest also.  They'll go in a "5" pattern in the middle of the pot - like the markings on dice.

Early Evelyn

Stella De Oro

Flava Major

Little Wine Cup

Autumn Accent

Camden Gold Dollar

Fall/Winter:  Sedum will add the color for Fall and the flowers will dry out and hold snow on them for some interest in the winter.  Also, the low sedum turns a really pretty golden color as the weather gets colder - so in those late November days, the planters will still look pretty.  These get planted at the 12-3-6 & 9 spots in the pot towards the outside, about 6-inches from the edge.


Autumn Fire

These plants do well in heavy planters in my gardens so I know they will do well in the town planters.  I also think that the reds and yellows will be really cheery to look at going down the street.

This is the kind of gardening I like - picking out plants, but no bugs or worms!

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