Friday, March 2, 2012

Party Train

What happens when you stick people together on mass transit for hours at a time day after day after day?  That's right - they come up with every reason to celebrate!

Usually we get pizza, but this was a special birthday celebration and we wanted to give the birthday girl something she had never had before - White Castle hamburgers.  One of the best thing about Manhattan is that if you know where to look, you can find practically anything.  We got the crave.

I haven't had White Castle hamburgers in forever, but I couldn't remember why.  I am a hamburger aficionado.  I like them a lot.  I figure that my vegetarian brother more than makes up for me being able to eat hamburgers - so there's no guilt at all and you have to love that.

The "crave case" turns out to be a really good way to keep the burgers warm, by the way.  We didn't open them until we were out of the city and the little sliders were still hot.  It has good heavy duty cardboard.  The birthday girl loved them.

Also, a single White Castle burger is like eating 1/4 of a real hamburger, so even my train buddies who are not fans of eating an entire meal on the way home to dinner were able to enjoy a hamburger snack.

The burgers flew out of the box and down the hatch.  They were as good as I remembered.

Then about 2a.m. I remembered one more thing - the reason why I don't have White Castle too often at all.  4 Tums later, everything was okay again.

But note to self: if you're going to eat White Castle, make sure you have antacid around because you're not used to eating fast food!

It was so very worth it!

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