Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Gift

My girlfriend is having a baby.  She doesn't know if it is a boy or a girl yet - it'll be a few more weeks until the surprise is delivered - so I could have gone with yellow or with green ribbons.  Both great colors for the unannounced child.

Or I could have wrapped blue and pink together and she could choose which one to remove once her new baby comes.

But here's the cool part - my girlfriend is Buddhist, and this gives me an option not often available in the rainbow of pastel baby colors - orange!  The color orange represents the essence of Buddhism, so I thought it a very appropriate color for the ribbons on the booties, mittens and hat.

And since I did manage to finish the sweater...

I went with yellow, orange and red hearts for the baby's chakras - I mean, buttons.

Seriously, how cute? 

I wish my girlfriend and her husband and their soon to be new child all of the blessings that you can give to a new family.  

And thank you! for the not often seen chance to use orange.

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