Thursday, March 22, 2012

Commuting Bud-ies

In Manhattan, all of the trees on the avenues are in bloom, but up north we're just starting to get some serious buds on the trees and bushes.  After a night of gentle misty rain, the buds on this magnolia seemed to swell up instantly making for a lovely lace against the dark morning sky.

It will be a race to see if it will bloom before the next weather roller coaster ride brings us some frost.  There is a chance that the buds will stay nice and tight and make it through the frost, so only the tips get a little frostbite.

I'm going to hope for that.  

A few years ago when we had a warm February, all of my flowers came up early.  I was so happy!  There were blooms everywhere and they looked magnificent.  But then, as it usually does when we have a warm early Spring, an ice storm came along.  Every single flower died.  And not only did the blooms die off in a single night, but all of the foliage died as well.

This meant that not a single one of the flowers that bloomed that early Spring survived to bloom another year.

So while I am enjoying the buds, I am very cautious in my optimism.  I am looking forward to them opening, but like with any new tiny little growing thing, I worry about it's safety.

Maybe I shouldn't worry so much.  These things have a way of working themselves out.

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