Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

The streets were in bloom today, celebrating the first day of Spring!  Up and down Broadway, the daffodils  from the Daffodil Project were in full bloom.  They say there are now more than 10 million daffodils in the city now - and I think they were all open today, showing off their fancy frills and bringing a smile to my face.

It wasn't just the large daffodils either, even the smaller ones were showing off.

Of course the dogwoods had to get in on the excitement as well.  I just love how such a gentle pink can make such a bold statement when you put them in the middle of the avenue.

Their blooms are fleeting - and very messy.  Good thing the street sweepers don't have to contend with snow.  Did I mention there's no snow?  Because it's SPRING!

These are my favorites, though.  They line the streets for block and blocks and give off a wonderful scent.  I'm not sure what they are - strangely enough I've never bothered to classify them - I just enjoy them.  Their little white bundles of blossoms are so delicate and beautiful.  It makes walking down the street feel as though you're walking through a field of flowers in the middle of the city.

Ah, Spring!

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