Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bead Mania

Tomorrow I am showing my bead work at a little jewelry seminar.  I thought you might like a preview!

A few years ago I started doing bead work.  At first it was just another "occupy the hands" kind of hobby.  I found it relaxing.  The beads were so pretty!  The next thing I knew I was making wine charms and selling them at a local shop.

My little Simply Charming Wine Charms were a big hit.  It didn't hurt that I was able to get them into a store right before Christmas - right on the checkout counter.  

I thought about "expanding my market" by selling through other stores in neighboring towns.  That's when I found out just how many regulations that the state put on any type of merchandise related to alcohol.  Even though the charms were just decorations for drinking glasses, they still fell under state regulations for selling.  It was a bother.

But I still liked bead work. So I did some charity pieces for the church.

A chaplet for praying to St. Rita.  All little blue crystals - very delicate.

Little pocket rosaries in Swarovski crystals and hematite. Adorable.

Christmas was coming again and the knitters in the family needed stitch markers...

Fancy stitch markers with a good weight to them so they don't get stuck in the yarn.  They were a big hit and the different sizes helped mark the different parts of the patterns.

I tried necklaces, but I don't really wear them...

Then I paired a necklace with earrings and a new obsession was born!

I do love earrings - and now I could have them for any and all occasions.  

There were hoops

And dangles

Pearls and crystal

Freshwater pearls

Czech crystals

Swarovski sparkle

Dangles for New Year's


Gold and glass

Funky cracked glass

Valentine's Day reds

Pastel pearls

St. Patrick's Day greens

Golden drops

Czech drops

Crystal and pearl

Hematite and pearl

Antique flavored

Gold and pearl

But sometimes when you're designing you've got to just have a little fun!

Candy corn!  So simple and sweet.  Love it!

I'm really looking forward to showing my jewelry tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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