Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No More Potatoes

I don't know where my mind was on my way home from work tonight, because when I got home I realized I had forgotten to get more dog food for our little pup.  Now I know that some folks just feed their dogs whatever it is that they eat for dinner - and that works for them.  Others cook their dogs special meals just for the dogs - and that works for them.  I buy dog food for our pup - that's what works for me.

But tonight I forgot to pick up her food on the way home.  So when I was greeted by one very hungry puppy at the front door, I needed to figure out something fast.  

Corned beef & cabbage.  That's what was in the refrigerator, so that's what she got for dinner.  Of course I couldn't give her any onion because you don't feed that to dogs.  And I didn't give her any cabbage because she has never had that before and a weeknight is not a time to be introducing your pet to a new food. (You need to know which end it will come out after you put it in, if you get my drift...)

So that left the corned beef, carrots and potatoes.  Corned beef definitely - she loves it.  It's meat, 'nuff said.  Carrots were a go - she's not a big fan of them, but she will eat them and I know they are good for her.  

Now about those potatoes.  Dogs eat potatoes.  Some dogs even love potatoes.  And I've told her again and again that potatoes are really yummy and she will like them if she just would give them a chance.

But there is absolutely no way that she is going to ever ever ever eat potatoes.  Won't. Ever. Eat. Potatoes.

However, I really appreciate the way she lines them up in a neat little row off to the side of her food mat.  It tells me that she has at least thoughtfully considered them and deemed them unworthy of actually being eaten.

So, no potatoes - ever.

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