Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally Getting Some Blooms

It's nice to see that the daffodils in the Peony Garden are finally budding out.  Even though I know (I really know!) that Spring is coming earlier this year, a part of me was still thinking that the flowers would never comes back.

I go through the same thing every year though.  I know that the plants are there. I know that they have blossomed/fruited/leafed-out every year.  And yet somehow I seem to manage to worry that this year they won't come back.  Even knowing this about myself and Spring won't prevent me from worrying if the tomatoes will have fruit this Summer.  It's a thing.

But right now there is a promise of blooms in the garden.  Their little yellow flowers are seeking out the sun and waiting for the perfect time to open.

Of course we'll lose a few flowers to the chipmunks, squirrels and other outdoor creatures.  But that's okay - I planted extra for them so they can eat whatever they like.  

Well, they can eat the daffodils...when it comes time for the daylilies, I think we're going to have a discussion.

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