Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring is Coming

There's still 9 more days of winter left, but today it was all about Spring.  Everywhere I looked, there were the signs.

  • The truck didn't have to be plugged in to keep it warm enough to start
  • No mittens and scarf required this morning at the train platform
  • Shocked looks on people's faces when they saw me in my winter coat (there's a 25-degree difference between where I live and where I work - and it's Spring, not Summer)
  • Sparrows nesting and calling each other
  • Daffodils in the park
  • People strolling down the street and (get this!) smiling
  • Stepping into the shade to cool down - on purpose
  • Street vendors everywhere
  • Sidewalk cafes were jam packed
  • Rolled down windows on the drive home
It feels a lot like Spring and I'm going to enjoy it.  It's the best part too - no bugs!

(And no, I'm not planting anything yet.  Ever heard of an Easter snow?)

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