Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've Got Your Back

These two beauties were not stopped by the freeze last night.  Maybe because they really believe in the buddy system.  They clearly have each other's back!

When we get a freeze at this point in the cycle of Spring, it is a hit or miss type of thing.  Because of the mountains surrounding us we often get hit really hard - or totally missed by the weather.  We'll see rain on the radar and in the sky, but it will be 1/2 mile up or down the road.  Or they'll say the rain is going to miss us and we get flooding that Noah didn't even think was possible.

These two beauties are in a pretty good spot.  They have a nice little hedge behind them to block some of the wind.  A lot of mulch to keep their roots warm.  Full sun from from first light at sunrise to sunset.

Even with all of that going for them, they are still looking out for each other.  I think that's so sweet!

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