Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It's that time of year again - Bingo time!  Each 4th of July, our volunteer fire department puts on a carnival and one of their fundraisers is --- BINGO!

It's the silliest thing when you think about it.  Playing Bingo outside in the heat and humidity.  And I never win.  But we showed up early to get good seats.

Maybe a bit too early, but that just gave us time to sip on a cool beer while we waited for the sound system to get hooked up.

I got my cards and sat and chatted.  The tent fills up pretty quickly - Bingo is quite popular in our little town.

Finally all systems were set and we were good to go - the game was on!  I left my DH at home doing chores in preparation for the party on Friday, but my neighbor S- (Hi, S-!) kept me company.  He won, I lost.   But it was tons of fun as always.

Of course I'll try to go back again before the carnival closes on Saturday, but knowing me, I'll probably not make it.  That's why it was so great to be able to skip out tonight and play.

Sometimes you just have to make time for fun!

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