Thursday, July 5, 2012


It may not look like much, but this is the best drink I've had all day.  It's just Diet Coke with some ice - nothing fancy, no liquors and herbs or fruits to spice it up.

It has just the right amount of fizz in it - cleans the palate without being cloying.  The ice hasn't diluted it, it's just kind of chilled it to the perfect cold temperature.

I put it in one of my summer fun glasses - that's what I call those plastic glasses that you can get, well pretty much anywhere.  I use them in the summer since we carry drinks outside and if we drop them there won't be any broken glass to clean up.   They all have some type of hokey design on them - loud flowers, wild stripes, strangely colored olives.  They're fun.

We started working around 5am this morning - the gardening, the party, the puppy - everything needed attention today.  It's 19 hours later and we've just about finished up for the day.  We're not finished setting up for the party, there's still more gardening to do and the puppy always needs attention.

All of it is going to have to wait, though.  First I'm going to just sit here a moment in front of the fan and enjoy my Diet Coke.

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