Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garden Tour

Saturday is the local garden tour.  We've spent a lot of time working on our garden to get it ready for the tour - weeding, mulching, pruning, primping.  We've advertised everywhere we could think of - newspapers, television, radio, blogs, websites.  We hung up posters, passed out cards, chatted with hundreds of people.  We've gotten sponsors and volunteers.  Hopefully this little charity garden tour will get a great turn-out.

Some of the gardens are on huge multi-million dollar estates.  They have rolling hills, exotic coy ponds, famous owners, professional gardeners.

Ours is an historic daylily garden.  Today the lilies are in bloom.  I keep going out to count the buds, hoping the deer will stay away just one more day so there will be flowers when the tour comes through.

Some of the gardens have been featured in national garden magazines.  Their owners spend hundreds of hours hunting down the perfect plants, carrying them up steep hills and nestling them into that tiny space where they'll make a big impact.

A few are national garden conservancy treasures.  Historic properties with mature gardens where even the weeds are "real plants".

Just looking at pictures of the gardens doesn't really do them justice.  You don't get the sense of scale of the gigantic boulders that were moved into place on the top of a mountain to create a naturally filtered freshwater mini lake.

Or the place where tiny terraces have been carved into a hillside/cliff to create small cozy gardens around every turn.

It's really the vistas overlooking the valley with the mountains framing the view that "make" most of the gardens.  All of the flowers, shrubs, streams and bushes are simply a garnish for what mother nature has given already.

So if you're in town, stop by and see the tour!

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