Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Color Cards

You know I just love these mitts.  And it's not just the mitts - it's the packaging for the pattern.  So I was wondering what it was about this particular package that really caught my eye - and I realized that it was the color palette.

But which colors?

So as I was going through some blogs that I visit, I found a post on The Mother Huddle that showed how to extract colors from a photo using PicMonkey.  I had to try it.

I took my little picture from Blue Sky Alpaca's pattern, trimmed it a bit, added arrows and picked the colors out of the photo that really caught my eye, then just put the color number in text on top of the arrow.

Pretty neat, huh!

Okay - maybe it's an acquired taste.  But I thought it was really fun!

I wonder how it would handle some of my daylily pictures?  (I see a fun snowy winter weekend project in my future!)

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