Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We're having a party!  On Friday!  We've invited lots of people!  And they're going to come to the party!  Ack!!!

I should explain.  Every year my DH and I have a party during our town's July 4th fireman's parade.  It goes right past our front door.  We stand out on the front lawn and cheer them on.  They are volunteer firemen - they deserve cheers.

We send out invitations in May.  It's a large party and requires a lot of planning and coordinating and time to pull it off.

This year, because we are so involved in the Garden Club's tour, we decided to NOT have a party.  We sent no invitations.  We did no preparation.  There was no planning.

Last night, my DH decided that we should go ahead and have the party.  We sent out invitations.  People responded - they are coming.  In 2 days.

I get that this is his favorite event of the year.  I get that people look forward to our party and they have a great time.  I fully understand all of this.

But this gives me only 2 days to put the party together.  Yikes!

Step 1 - Menu

  Hot Dogs
  Potato Salad (homemade)
  Baked Beans (homemade)
  Brownies (homemade)
  Ice Tea

I think I must have been temporarily insane when I agreed...

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