Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Days You Just Have To

Blue Sky Alpaca Royal Petites Patterns
I wasn't going to, but when my day started with an announcement from the train conductor, "Okay folks, the engine is on fire - so here's what we're going to do.  We're pulling into the next station and you are going to CALMLY get up and exit the train..."

So I just had to give myself a little reward for not freaking out.  Don't you think so?

I saw these knitting patterns on Knitty Blog 2 days ago and I had all but convinced myself that I wouldn't get one.  Their cute little packages called out to me from the computer screen.  Retro drawings, clean designs, cheery little balls of the softest alpaca you've ever held.  I would be strong and not get any of them.  Certainly not the charming Windsor Mitts.  Nope.  I would be good, stay on budget and just knit up the projects that I already have here at home.  I wouldn't go shopping for yarn or needles and certainly definitely not buy anything new.

So when I casually walked by the yarn shop during lunch and it was closed, I took it as a sign that I was doing the right thing by not buying anything.

And when I called the yarn shop later in the afternoon to see if it was open yet, but no one answered, I took it as a sign that the universe had not changed its' mind - I should not buy anything.

Then when I went online to see if I could get overnight shipping of the pattern and yarn, but couldn't find the color I wanted, I felt that I should just give it up and stick to the plan of using what I had before I bought anything else.

So I picked up my Citron that had been languishing in its' zip-top bag while I spent my time working on the garden tour and I tossed it in my bag and headed off to work this morning.  I was convinced I wouldn't do it.

But then my train caught on fire.

So I thought to myself that I should probably live life to the fullest, grab the yarn by the tail and knit whatever I wanted.  Heck - I deserved it, right?

So I looked again for the yarn online - and I found it downtown, but the shop wouldn't be open until late afternoon.  Then I tried my local yarn shop in the city again, but they were still closed. (And what's up with that - the posted hours said they'd be open! Who does that? Who runs a business that way!?)

But then my fingers wandered over to the Blue Sky Alpacas website and what did I find?  An online, download it now, link to the pattern.

So I got it.

Maybe I shouldn't have, but when your day starts with your train catching fire, really you must do something to make it better.

You just have to!

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