Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Different Perspective

We got a professional photographer to take pictures of all of the gardens for our tour this year - so sweet of him to donate his time and photographs (Daniel MacDougal - great photographer!).  So I thought I'd share this photo of our carriage house.

It was converted from a carriage house in 1942, but over the years the major repairs were put on hold.  My DH has taken it under his wing and it's slowly being restored.  We've found little surprises along the way - carpenter ant damage so severe that one of the corners of the house had to be completely rebuilt, waterfalls in the upstairs led to a new roof, a complete failure of the plumbing system led to a new manifold system.

Of course, I love doing the window boxes!  It's the one part of the garden that I can completely change every year and just have fun with!  This year I really wanted to bring out the reds in the stonework - so I used coleus to make a splash.

It's strange to look at pictures of our gardens that were taken by someone else.  It feels almost voyeuristic in a way.  He saw things in a way that I hadn't, finding interest even in an old bird house that I find as ugly as sin, but haven't had the heart to toss - so I just put it in one of the garden beds to get it out of the way.

From his perspective it looks charming!  I would have never noticed that aspect of it.

I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures, though.  If this is how he saw our gardens, the rest must be amazing.

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