Monday, July 23, 2012

Wall Flowers

With all of the daylilies and brightly colored annuals getting all of the attention in the garden these past few weeks, some of the other flowers seemed a bit neglected.

Take this little cone flower, for example.  It works hard at blossoming every year - being a full sun flower in a part shade area is not an easy thing to be.  But each year it pops up and surprises me with a lovely burst of color.

No one notices it on the tours - no pictures are snapped by newspaper reporters, no film crews focus their equipment in its' direction.

And yet it seems happy, even joyful, just being.

These are the best flowers.  The ones that quietly bloom, feed the bees, butterflies and other little creatures.  They give cuttings for the dinner table without a second thought.  They don't need extra --- anything.

After the past few weeks, I find them refreshing.

So here's to the other flowers in the garden - all of the lamiums, black-eyed susans, corel bells - and everyone else whose blossoms act as background for the garden divas.

Good job!

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